How to Choose the Best Colors in Prom Dresses for This Graduation Season

Base pigment

No matter what color you see, you can pinch the back of your hand. This is your foundation! If you see pink or rose, some pinks may make your skin look dull. If you see peaches or bright red, red may make you look feverish. If you see a pale yellow hue, yellow and green may make you look uncomfortable. If you don't see any particular color or only white, it may mean that you are neutral. In this case, further testing is required.

Try comparing your skin to a pure version of every color. If you think you have a red base pigment, hold your hand for something that is pure red. If you do have a red background, then you will detect the similarity between the hand and the red object, and if you compare your hand with yellow, green or pink, you will not see it. If after performing these tests it is still unclear what your base color pigment is, you have a neutral base color pigment. In this case, neutral colors (such as beige or black) may wash you away.


Background color

The method for identifying the background temperature is a vein test. Look at the veins on your wrist, if they appear blue, you have a cool hue, and if they appear green, you have a warm hue. If you can't really tell what color your veins are, whether they are definitely blue or definitely green, your body temperature is neutral.

If no blood vessels are visible, another method of judgment is to use a white test. In this test, you will look at skin tone compared to a pure white background. You can do this test by standing in front of a plain white wall, wrapping a white towel around your neck and hair, or simply placing a piece of white paper next to your face. Anyway, compared to ordinary neutral white in natural light (meaning it can't have a pale yellow color), you only need to take a clear look at the freshly cleaned face in the mirror. If your skin looks dull and your veins look more visible, then your undertones are cool. If your skin looks more even, it means you have a warm undertone.



Wearing the same color as the base pigment means that there is not enough similar color differentiation, which would be boring. Wear the same color as the background temperature. Wearing the opposite temperature can create a strong contrast and can seem overwhelming.

Hair color can also have a big impact on your favorite color. Dark hair can wear various shades (fortunately!), But they tend to shine red. The blonde turned her head to black and bright, cool colors. Crayon and turquoise red head charm. Those dyed with colored dye can show this color in white, or have a unique opportunity to match their appearance with their locks! If you plan to dye or brighten your hair before a special occasion, make sure to take it into account when shopping; you won't want your new product to conflict with your favorite Faviana dress!

Helpful tip: Think about your current closet-what kind of clothes do you like best? Choose colors that tell you what you like!


Remember the whole picture

If you don't know the specific color yet, decide which accessory, shoe or makeup idea to jump out of! This process may inspire you to use easier colors. Wearing a neutral outfit might be a good idea!

If you prefer gold jewellery, you can choose warm colors to match your personality, while silver jewelry is the opposite. If you want to wear a pair of beautiful shoes, you can choose a dress that matches them perfectly, or choose white to show off them. If you want to wear bold makeup, you can choose the softer "your" color version. If you want your makeup to be subtle, don't be afraid to pair it with more saturated dress colors. Everything is about balance.

Useful tip: Still looking for inspiration? Choose a celebrity with a tone similar to yours. Check out some of their best looks and determine which color you think looks jaw-dropping!


have fun!

Ask yourself, which color do you like best, and which color will your eyes naturally favor first? Compared to the color you choose, the most important thing is the feel of the clothes you choose. If you like the red look, but this simple guide says you should wear cool shades and ignore it! If you feel like you have a million dollars, you don't need me to tell you what to wear! It's fair to find a dress worthy of a red carpet. A great tip for prom dresses: You should wear a dress, it should not be worn!

Helpful tip: If you're stuck between two colors and you're not sure which color you prefer, try "Third Party Testing." Show your two color choices to friends or relatives (you know will give you a direct answer) and ask them which color they think is best for you. Make sure not to ask them which color they prefer as their personal preferences may affect the test results. If you are a little disappointed with his or her answer, then you can answer it-this must be another color!